Custom Cake NYC


Our fondest memories of childhood are of sitting ‘round our kitchen table for an afternoon coffee, or cafezinho da tarde, as it’s famously known in Brazil, where we grew up.  A pot of freshly brewed coffee, a scrumptious cake fresh out of the oven, an intimate moment – smells, sounds, feelings that are still vivid in our minds.  Those unhurried, warm afternoons where we indulged in our mother’s sweet treats- with a view of Christ the Redeemer in the distance - are what inspired the creation of Sunday Bake – Homemade Cakes. Armed with bucket-loads of talent, endless enthusiasm and heads brimming over with ideas, we turned our hobby into a business. We want such delicious and unforgettable moments to make their way into your home!  


Sunday Bake is a lifestyle; it’s a celebration of family, friends and the home. Sunday Bake takes simple pleasures seriously; encourages community, small gatherings and an uncomplicated life.  Sunday Bake’s mission is defined by the relationships cultivated around a table on a Sunday afternoon.

Sunday Bake is Sunday bliss.