Shopkins Cake

A couple months ago we received a fun request for a custom cake from a friend: she was throwing her 6 year old daughter, Olivia, a Shopkins-themed party and wanted us to get creative with the cake. 

I couldn't be further from the world of kids, cartoons and toys, not being a mother myself, so I had to ask her: "What is Shopkins?!".  

I had never heard of Shopkins before and had no idea what my friend was talking about. A quick Google search ensued.  

I quickly learned what the craze was all about: They're these colorful plastic figurines, each with a unique name and face, based on grocery store items.  The kind of stuff that would've been right up my alley when I was a kid.


I was told, Olivia's favorite characters were Cheeky Chocolate (the half unwrapped chocolate bar) and Wishes (the birthday cake) and that I could pick which character to base the cake on.  
I picked Wishes ... obviously!

We got straight to work.  A few hours and lots of bright food coloring later, we had our masterpiece.  


I have to say, as cake designers, there's no better feeling than getting this kind of reaction from our customers: