Hester Street Fair Recap!


We are so excited to share with you photos of our past two weekends at Hester Street Fair - a curated outdoor market for one-of-a-kind goods and specialty foods.  The fair is located in Manhattan's Lower East Side and is open from April 25th through October 31st from 11am-6pm.  It was our first time at the fair and we didn't quite know what to expect.  Being the realist that I am, I was anxious while preparing, hoping we would have a "warm welcome"!  I'm happy to say we weren't disappointed!  Meeting all the friendly locals and watching as customers tried our cakes for the first time (the feedback was incredible!) made all the hard work worth it!  We can honestly say we had a blast!  We'll be back in September.  Dates will be announced on our Instagram and Facebook page.  Stay tuned!

Our menu included:  Sunday Bake's signature Carrot Cake with ganache topping, sweet corn cake, olive oil cake, almond lemon cake, lemon blueberry cake, Nutella baked mini doughnuts (our bestseller!), home made cookies with guava filling, mini cheese quiche.  

For more information on Hester Street Fair visit http://www.hesterstreetfair.com/